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Discover more than just exceptional education at Onyx Montessori Educational Centre– we're excited to introduce a unique opportunity to both our community and beyond!

Introducing Our Referral Program:

As part of our commitment to excellence, we're thrilled to offer a win-win marketing promotion. Now, alongside accessing top-notch education, you can actively participate in our referral program. It's simple: refer students to Onyx Montessori, and when your referrals enroll, you earn commissions!

How It Works:

  • Refer & Share: Spread Onyx Montessori's excellence in your network.
  • Enrollments & Earnings: Earn commissions when your referrals enroll.
  • Impact & Rewards: Elevate education and enjoy financial benefits.

Ready to make a difference? Explore the Promo-Onyx Referral Program via the menu or label below. Follow the steps to generate your exclusive code. Share your code with others and help them experience the excellence of Onyx Montessori. To finalize the process, fill out the Referral Form in the menu. Please ensure that you strictly follow the steps to enable you receive your referral commission and kindly provide correct required information. The Promo-Onyx Referral Program is open to all current and former students, parents, and staff of Onyx Montessori Educational Centre.

Unlock potential, fuel education, earn commissions. Elevate minds, sow success, and reap rewards.

For inquiries, please contact us. Timely responses assured.

Empower Minds. Earn Commission. Enrich Futures at Onyx Montessori Educational Centre!


Promo-Onyx Referrals Program